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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is QnaList?

QnaList is a mailing list archive designed to simplify the mailing lists in a simple and easy to use interface.

What are tags?

QnaList uses a proprietary algorithm to tag with relevant keywords to simplify future access and organize the accumulated material.

How do I archive a mailing list?

Tell us about it. Let us know the list's email address, web site (if any), and its list-management address / what software the list runs on (Majordomo, ezmlm, Mailman, etc) if you know it. If you can include pointers to existing list archives or some other way for us to get our hands on old messages, we'll back-fill our database when we add the list, so it'll start out with some history. Let us know if you are a list owner or just an interested user, etc

How can I respond to a post?

After each message is a 'reply' link. Clicking the reply link should open your email client with the following information populated: email address of list, message-id of message you are replying to, and subject of the message you are replying to. You may need to be a pre-existing member of the mailing list to email the list.

What is User Reputation?

QnaList generates "reputation" points for users. These points are added to the users account when he/she answers the questions. These points (very) roughly reflect the level of trust of the community.

How are the avatar icons assigned per person?

Gravatar means globally recognized avatar - your unique avatar image associated with your email address. It's simply a picture that shows next to your posts on the websites that support gravatar protocol. The default gravatar appears as a square filled with a snowflake-like figure. You can set your image at gravatar.com. QnaList requests Gravatar substitute an Identicon based on the user's email address.

How is QnaList built?

Qnalist is coded in Php and Javascript with jQuery. A number of solutions are used for data management including mysql, Solr and Xapian. We are hosted at Godaddy.

How can I contact QnaList?

You may email us at contact at the rate of qnalist dot com

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