Hello everyone,
I am wondering if anyone has come across a smart way to assure casperjs die
command actually flushes out all casper.log(msg, "info") entries before
Consider the exit scenario below:
casper.info('*-All tests for Visual Regression have ended-*');
if(true == self.hasATestFailed) {
casper.error("All tests have completed but at least 1 failure was found.");
casper.die("All tests completed. Overall status is failed.", 1);
} else {
casper.info("All tests have completed with NO failures found.");
casper.info messages make it out. I found the following node.js helper exeunt
library <https://www.npmjs.com/package/exeunt> to assure flushing of stdout
but it seems casper.js script has no access to process?
CasperJS homepage & documentation: http://casperjs.org/
CasperJS @github: https://github.com/n1k0/casperjs
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