The 26compat release series of the MongoDB C++ driver (versions
legacy-0.0-26compat-2.6.x) is hereby given end-of-life status.
The 26compat driver was originally created as a fork of the database client
code from the implementation of MongoDB 2.6. The library's intended
audience was existing users of this code from the server, who were
interested in a standalone library that received regular maintenance but no
breaking changes. The end-of-life of the 26compat series naturally follows
from the end-of-life event of the MongoDB 2.6.x series (which was the
primary source for the maintenance fixes for the 26compat driver), from
late last year.
Existing users of the 26compat driver should consider porting their
application to use mongocxx, if possible (requires C++11 or newer). The
latest stable release of mongocxx is r3.1.1
Users are also able to migrate to the legacy driver
but note that the legacy driver is only receiving critical bug fixes at
this point in time, and that the legacy driver is no longer recommended for
new applications that are C++11-compatible.
For an overview of the state of the various versions of the driver and
their compatibility with the MongoDB server, see the homepage of the MongoDB
C++ Driver Manual <>.
The C++ Driver Team
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