Hi All,
I have a simple application created using Ang2 and it runs fine on local
npm server.
However i need to have the code deployed on a JBOSS or Weblogic server.
What is the process for the same?
I tried using "ng build", but all it does is, create a folder "dist" and
places files in that folder.
is there a standard way of packaging the code and deploying on
Sachin Gupta 's gravatar image asked Feb 17 2017 at 05:44 in Angularjs by Sachin Gupta

1 Answers

Hi Sachin,
The files in the build folder is the 'static' website you can deploy to
your server. If your server needs some additional steps, that's your
starting point. In most cases, you just need to copy those to the location
that holds the public files for your server.
Sander Elias 's gravatar image answered Feb 17 2017 at 21:37 by Sander Elias