Hello guys,
I have a page that has two instances of the same controller, the first one
is loaded with the page and the second comes from an ajax request. Inside
the controller I have a variable called filter, with initial value equal to
"status". When I try to display this variable in the first instance it
displays correctly. But when I show this variable in the second instance it
looks undefined, it shows Filter: @ {{mClerk.filter}}. The changeFilter
function works in both instances.
Anyone can help me?
My controller
app.controller('clerkCtrl', function ($scope, $http, $compile, $timeout, notifyService, DTOptionsBuilder, DTColumnBuilder) {
this.filter = 'status';
this.changeFilter = function (filter) {
this.filter = filter;
First Instance,
<div ng-controller="clerkCtrl as Clerk">
Filter: <!-- OK -->
<div class="card">
<div class="card-header">
<h2><i class="zmdi zmdi-accounts-list zmdi-hc-fw"></i> Lista</h2>
<div style="padding: 0px 20px;">
<div class="card-body table-responsive">
<table datatable="" dt-options="Clerk.dtOptions" dt-columns="Clerk.dtColumns"
class="table table-striped"></table>
Second instance, from a ajax request:
<div ng-controller="clerkCtrl as mClerk">
Filtro: <!-- FAILED -->
<button ng-click="mClerk.changeFilter('date')">Change filter</button></div>
Function that brings the page to the second instance,
$scope.loadPage = function (page) {
$http.post(page, [], $scope.config)
.then(function (response) {
$scope.modal.body = $sce.trustAsHtml(response.data.body);
$scope.modal.title = $sce.trustAsHtml(response.data.title);
setTimeout(function () {
}, 0);
andre.figueredomultilaser.com.br's gravatar image asked Feb 17 2017 at 06:16 in Angularjs by andre.figueredomultilaser.com.br

1 Answers

Hi Andre,
If you use a controller, you get a fresh newly instantiated copy. Every
copy is a "stand alone" version. So if you change some vars in one, it will
not be reflected in another.
When you need behaviour like this, you should use a service, you inject in
both controllers. A service is a singleton. that means there is only one
copy in an AngularJS application.
For more information that explains this, read through the style guide
Sander Elias 's gravatar image answered Feb 17 2017 at 21:33 by Sander Elias

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