I was unable to empty the Deleted items file using Ubuntu 8.10 so I have
just upgraded to 9.04 and the problem is still there. I have just
checked and, to my horror, there are over 17.000 items there. Please
advise me on how to rectify this problem.
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We'd probably need to know more information. Are you using POP or IMAP? Which provider? stuff like that... For instance, deleting stuff with POP from your ISP can be different from deleting stuff with gmail and IMAP.
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Tony Baldwin's gravatar image answered Jun 4 2009 at 22:35 by Tony Baldwin
Perhaps I did not explain my problem very well. In Evolution, select File -> Empty Wastebasket -> Enter. At the bottom, left hand side there is an error message as follows:- a yellow triangle with '!' in it and 'Error while Expunging folder'.
norman's gravatar image answered Jun 5 2009 at 06:17 by norman
I did some research and found that I am not the only user to have encountered this problem and it was suggested by removing this file the problem could go away:- ~/.evolution/mail/local/folders.db. Being ignorant in such matters I am reluctant to do this unless I can be sure I would not lose those messages which are in folders I want to keep. Have you any idea whether it would be safe to take this step, please?
norman's gravatar image answered Jun 5 2009 at 20:20 by norman
Yes, you can delete the folders.db file without harming any messages. Evo will rebuild the file as you access your folders. folders.db only hold message state information and does not hold any of the actual messages. Be sure to shutdown Evo and run
evolution --force-shutdown
from the command line before you delete the folders.db file.
I have done the above when I was having problems with the folders data. It appears a few bugs were introduced when Evo went from flat files to an sqlite database.
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Not sure if it?s safe or not. Why not rename the file rather than delete it. Then if it doesn?t solve the problem, or creates a problem it can be recovered.
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Thank you very much, problem solved.
norman's gravatar image answered Jun 6 2009 at 07:52 by norman