When doing a search we want to have a have parameters that we set of how to
boost different
scores. for example we want to have the ability to boost newer items in some
case and in some not,
like a sliding scale from only time to only relevancy.
What is the best way of doing this, using Solrj?
Regards Erik
Erik Holstad's gravatar image asked Nov 10 2008 at 20:25 in Lucene-Solr-User by Erik Holstad

1 Answers

My gut tells me that multiplying a function of the date field with the full-text relevancy score will work better than adding a function of the date field. BoostedQuery can do this via BoostQParserPlugin http://lucene.apache.org/solr/api/org/apache/solr/search/BoostQParserPlugin.html
And for the function, you could make it flatter or steeper depending on how much you wanted date to influence the score. Might try a recip function or a linear function on the ord of the date field. We don't yet have any functions that work on the actual date values.
Yonik Seeley's gravatar image answered Nov 10 2008 at 22:59 by Yonik Seeley