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[play-framework] [Java-2.5.x] Support For Multiple Evolutions Tables In One Database

Hello All,
I have a multi-module project which will be then packaged and used as a 
dependency in other applications. So far so good!
I need to maintain the evolutions scripts module wise as not all 
applications need all the modules and each module can have their entities. 
I would like to manage my evolutions module wise. I have tried to modify 
evolutions API and got some success with some workarounds, but thinking 
this will be a good addition to Play itself.
Example: I have three modules, 1) Core, 2) Process, 3) Report, I would like 
to manage my evolutions in each of these modules following their own 
In DB, I will have three tables, 1) play_evolutions_core, 2) 
play_evolutions_process, 3) play_evolutions_report.
Shall I create an issue in GitHub for this? 
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asked Apr 4 2016 at 17:34

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