Hi all:
I try to execute hive query in a remote client through hive server2 jdbc.
I want to 'add jar' used as serde before create a table.
But when I set the jar path local to the hive server host, it said the jar
does not exist.
And when I set the jar in the client , it said failed to read external
How to set the jar path ?
Lee S 's gravatar image asked Nov 5 2015 at 00:59 in Hive-User by Lee S

3 Answers

You can try adding it in hive/lib location on all the cluster nodes. You
dont need to add it part of your query
Suresh Kumar Sethuramaswamy 's gravatar image answered Nov 5 2015 at 05:43 by Suresh Kumar Sethuramaswamy
You can move your auxiliary jars to some hdfs location. And use that path
instead of local path.
Chetna Chaudhari
Chetna C 's gravatar image answered Nov 5 2015 at 06:33 by Chetna C
Put jar in lib or on hdfs both works.
And also indicates a local path on hiveserver host works, too.
But, the path needs to under the user hive.
p.s How to change the default user hive when I connect to hive server ?
Lee S 's gravatar image answered Nov 6 2015 at 00:00 by Lee S