I am sorry if I am missing something very basic with hive
authorization on 0.9 or before.
I went through the existing security in hive, before hiveserver2 (i.e.
hove 0.9 or before) and I see all the permission related stuff like
Users, Groups, and Roles
Now, as far as I understand, hive query is always run by the user who
have started the hive service. Lets say, if I am Rob and hive service
is started by Peter then my queries will run by peter not by rob. So,
how this conversion happen and how do they get enforced because MR
will never know about rob but it will only know about peter.
When does this authentication happens that rob is not allowed to
create a table, so, this query should not go through.
Could you please point me to right the java file, where I can look
into these technical details.
I really appreciate your help.
Rob Paul 's gravatar image asked Aug 12 2013 at 17:31 in Hive-User by Rob Paul

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