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Cursor State Not Valid

When I run this db2 query:
caller = (Caller)sqlMap.queryForObject("getIPCTData", caller);
I get an error message of "cursor state not valid".
I verified that the stored procedure works correctly when run manually
in a db2 screen.
The sql config file is as follows:
Any ideas why the error message occurs?
Thanks in advance.
Steve Jagels
Sr. Programmer / Analyst
(314) 387-5131

asked Mar 2 2005 at 22:04

Jagels, Steve E.'s gravatar image

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Looks like you are working on an AS/400. ;-)
This happens when a procedure closes the data set to be returned
before iBATIS has read it...there is something you have to do in db2
to make it work, but I do not have it handy.
I will post it tomorrow from work.

answered Mar 6 2005 at 23:00

Larry Meadors's gravatar image

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